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Please consider bringing any inspirations or images of cakes that you like, these can be digital image or magazinge cuttings.


Style of Cake:

What style of cake would you like? Do you want it floral or simple? With pears or diamonds or both? Vintage themed or winter themed?


Size of Cake:

How many tiers would you like? how deep would you like the tiers to be? Would you like the cake to be a statement piece or the right size for the number of wedding guests?



What is the colour palette of your venue, bridesmade dresses, venue dressing, flowers? Which of these colours would you like to highlight in the cake? Alternatively would you like the cake to be white or ivory?



At Bloomsbury Cakes we provide a wide range of flavours including the most popular which are lemon and lemon curd with lemoncello, strawberry and white chocolate and rich chocolate fudge cake.

To book an appointment please call Marise on 07973 339 021

Booking an Appointment

Things to consider before booking an appointment...